Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation

I read about this maybe 2 days ago and I could completely relate to it..

Intrinsic motivation is something which you do for your inner happiness. You do it simply because you enjoy the process and the results of it. No external efforts need to be made or rewards have to be given to you to make you do it. You don’t do it forcefully. You do it out of love putting your heart and soul into it. Beautiful, right ?

Such kind of people are actually attractive. But it depends on what is the thing which gives you intrinsic motivation? Will it be useful for you in life ? I’m asking you because you will live with it. Yes obviously in life you won’t be alone at all times of life but it will be you who will be affected the most by the habit.

Just opposite is extrinsic motivation.

You do something merely out of the expectation of rewards or positive feedback.* You don’t give your heart and soul into it. You do it because of positive external factors and these factors can be temporary.

*No, I’m not negating the fact that when someone is encouraged he does better than before. Yes it’s true but the job/chore/study which does not give you inner happiness you won’t be able to give your best to it despite knowing that it will make your life bright or you will get some positive feedback. Also it depends on the person also. If he/she is not willing to give any positive feedback then? Or if the person is doting then? In both cases your downfall is for sure.

I continuously need words of affirmation(TRUE) to feel loved. I don’t like being criticised in a non constructive way. I accept my weaknesses and I’m willing to remove it but definitely it will be difficult to remove it when someone is doing it in destructive manner. Unfortunately and fortunately the behaviour of someone else is not in my control. No I’m not willing to change anyone but atleast remind that please stop criticising in destructive way. Now it depends on the person whether he/she does it or not and if he/she doesn’t then it seems unfortunate. Fortunately I can change myself whenever I wish to because that gives me intrinsic motivation. If I’m wrong then you can frankly tell me. I know that nowadays in my posts I speak about something first and at the end I come back talking about myself. It seems little selfish. I actually feel free after writing my emotions here and then read your feedback.


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