Please share your suggestions

I want to ask everyone…be it an adult or a teenager, girl or a boy, woman or a man.. whoever wishes can suggest me .. I will gracefully read and try to understand the point of view… my question is – Should I share everything with my parents? Like- what I talk about with my friend ? Why is it that I chose friends of age younger to me? Why not the same age or elder ? What benefit I’m getting from my emotional environment ? What kind of body language or speaking tone does not seem friendly and open? What kind of stuff I like to talk about? I’m not exactly as what they see me inside out ? I actually hide many things ? What is the reason I’m not as frank with them as my friends? What made me lose my confidence in me ? Whether I should have many male friends or only a few ? If yes … then what kind of relation should I have with them ?

This thing is bothering me since many years ( maybe almost 17 years – I have my 17th b’day in July.. ) Sometimes just writing in a paper and tossing it in dustbin is only choice left with me… I sometimes feel that I made so many mistakes in life…and I don’t know how to now sort out my life , Bring back the peace within me which is lost .. I don’t remember when was it lost ..


  1. Be honest with yourself and your parents. The teenage years can be hell. And they were for me two. You have to make peace with yourself. Think positive. You become what you think you are. Don’t dwell on the past. It cannot be changed or corrected.

    Move forward now as the kind of person you want to be. And it will happen.

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      1. I honestly don’t dwell on the past. As a teenager very much so but not now. It’s not worth it! If you could go back and change something you did wrong in the past you would not be the person you are today. And making that one life correction could lead to even worse outcomes and you might not even be here alive today!

        There is no real past time! There is no real future time! There is only ‘The Now!’ Even Albert Einstein was in a quandary about the whole concept of ‘The Now!’

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      2. Ohhh okay I’m overthinking now maybe. You are right. Earlier i used to think that when I grow up as an adult I will be sad about my years before I entered teenage but no such thoughts now. Maybe this will also go out of my head if I try.

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  2. Your parents will be your best companions try to convay your thoughts and ideas….. it will be usefull for your journey of life

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