Are kids punching bags?

One fine day, 2-3 years ago I was so angry about something, plus things were wrong between my friend and me , when I got a chance I just let down my anger on her for no appropriate reason. After that she was mad, I regretted it later and apologised for my very harsh behaviour.

I don’t speak much. I prefer listening over speaking(to a very high extent). Due to this I don’t know when and how to express my anger and also ensure that I don’t annoy that person. This benefitted me a lot because I have stopped getting angry for trivial things. I have a lot of patience(to a very high extent). This is beneficial but when I’m angry due to someone advising me something frequently(almost constantly) i don’t know how to express anger…this also happens when my weakness is magnified to a great height(for which being angry is wrong). This is about me.

What about my dear ones? If their day didn’t go well in their workplaces then I’m their punching bags for no fault of mine. Before my brother entering hostel atleast anger was divided equally but after he entered hostel, I feel very exhausted at times due to no apparent reason. My mood just gets so bad!!!!!… Being very brutally honest I feel like leaving home for half an hour , go to building terrace and then return back peacefully. I don’t do this because I don’t want any fights with atleast near ones because I have a lot in me to fight with and fight for.


      1. Anger will be settled by itself if there is heart to heart talk.
        You are courageous to write about this if all this is true. I want to write but am not either courageous or I justify it’s too late now. I donot want to expose someone with half knowledge.
        How much a child knows about her/his own parents.
        I am sorry if I confuse you more.

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