Thank you to every mental health helpline!!

The title might be partially misleading. Let me explain. Yesterday I was feeling very down. My cousin called me up coincidentally and after that I felt better. Last year, one day I was crying badly. I called up my brother. Let me mention he was in his final year of engineering. (Now he has to give his final exams) When I talked to him , I felt better. My best friend who is 4 years younger to me 2 days ago met me personally to comfort me. There is another friend 3 years younger to me. When I used to share my feelings she told me that we should let each other know when we are feeling low by texting or calling and speaking a code.

Thanks to my cousin(mentioned above) …she gave me contact number of a mental health helpline in India(for readers who are reading my post for the first time or don’t know-I am an Indian). This helpline is definitely helpful but is my last resort. The first person with whom I share feelings is me, why ? I want to be emotionally independent.


  1. I think it is great that you have a balance! There is nothing wrong with opening up to others and accepting help, but building intrapersonal skills is important too. If you make someone your life jacket, what happens when you feel as if you are sinking and they are unable to help at that very moment?

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      1. In short, intrapersonal skills has to do with understanding yourself. It’s about understanding your strengths and limitations, knowing how to control your emotions, building confidence and your self esteem, and building independence. Did that help or was my explanation confusing?

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      2. I’m glad! I was afraid I wasn’t explaining myself clearly! ☺️ I have problems with building my self esteem and independence too. Interesting that we have that in common! I’m working on those issues though!

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      1. That’s good! It’s ok to rely on others from time to time though! 😁 I like that you mentioned in your article that you’ve opened to a few close people, but also don’t want to become too dependent on them and I think that’s really good!

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