What matters more?

Does physical distance or closeness to heart matter for a relationship (now I mean friendship) ? Maybe closeness to heart. What matters most is the extent to which the friend feels you. Suppose you have two kind of friends in your life. One (let me name her M) lives very close to you (let me name her S) and you both met in childhood and became best friends. Other one (let me name her K) lives away from you but the families know each other very well and so you both are also friends since childhood but you both have also have spent a lot of time with that friend. Who according to you should be more close to your heart? According to me both should be equally close to your heart (I know this is ideal situation). In real life unfortunately this doesn’t happen. No, I’m not talking about myself right now but this is what I’m observing since three years continously very closely as I’ve spent three years with them. What I observed was very painful to me. The friend M is the S’ best friend and the friend K is like a third party when she is with those best friends. I don’t say that that S should ignore M and talk only to K but talk to both of them equally.

I accept that I should not speak wrong about my friends but I’m just pointing out what I observed. Individually all the three are good. You might have read my post – ‘Detachment is necessary’ If not you can read it and relate this post with that one. Life has ironies- the friends with whom I used to spend a lot of time and feelings now I feel the need to leave and detach from the same friends. But K is one of my good friends. She talks to me even when she is in the presence of group.

It’s truly said that as we grow mature we realise who are the friends we really need.

(These are my point of views. It’s not meant to offend anyone.)


  1. I agree, it does hurt and S should talk to both of them. Itโ€™s a nice observational post. Sometimes people hurt others unknowingly and thatโ€™s the sad fact of any relationship. You have good writing skills. Take care, stay blessed and stay connected.

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