Detachment is necessary

Detachment- as the word suggests the opposite of attachment. It is possible only with people or emotions with whom/which we are attached the most. Be it our emotions or our near ones. It might seem like a nightmare but it’s necessary to free yourself from unnecessary stress. I too had a small group of friends with whom I used to enjoy a lot but now I think I need to detach myself from them to shift my focus from them as it’s very exhausting due to present circumstances. I always feel their emotions as my own. I’m always engrossed in what they might be thinking of me. This is my case. Different people will have different experiences maybe with their friends or their own strong unnecessary emotions which stop them from moving ahead in their lives or maybe some other relation in their lives.

According to me, detachment from our closed ones(only when necessary) is a painful slow process, maybe more painful than even bleeding. Bleeding once stopped, the skin starts healing and it doesn’t pain further. But if we don’t detach ourselves from unnecessary people and emotions then our lives will be very miserable.


  1. Detachment in its meaning is restraining the use or need of a thing or a person… it cannot happen overnight for a few things and for a few it’s is instantaneous… instantaneous in case of bad habits, they have to be left that same instant we realise it’s bad… the other part has been beautifully emphasized in the blog… especially bleeding part… and we cannot live without a thing, an object or a person is what we call Maya…

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