What is friendship? A relationship in which two people have mutual affection.

True friends accept each other with their flaws without making each other feel conscious about it.

But these days this definition has changed drastically. Friends these days use each other. Trust is misused in friendships these days. Innocent people are cheated by their toxic and selfish friends. First they gain the trust of these innocent people and then take undue advantage of their innocence. Trust is the glue of life. It is the foundational principle that holds all the relationships. Trust once broken cannot be gained back. The person may be forgiven but not trusted once again by the other person. Some people think that it’s their birthright to hurt their friend and break his/her trust. They also expect that the friend would return back to them and be with them and if something more is wrong with them they will expect the friend to apologise for a reason they don’t know.

But still true friendship exists. Why? Because there are people who are really trustworthy and also people who even after getting hurt several times in past believe that they will surely meet the kind of former people in their life. True friendship exists in the relationship between two brothers,two sisters, a brother and his sister, father and his son, mother and her daughter and many more.


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