“Over sensitive”

The tag “over sensitive” is given to almost everyone who gets hurt easily. At first I couldn’t understand why someone gets hurt easily by some kind of insult while for another person the same insult is just like a joke. I am a type of the former that’s why I wished to research over it because I observed it with some other people also. The difference maybe is that other persons after getting hurt either back answer or forget and forgive. Truly speaking I also sometimes insult my friends but not in a hurting manner or deliberately to irritate them. My friends also insult me in some or the other way and I am very comfortable with it. After thinking a lot and research I got to know that my personality matches with that of empathetic person. My personality is a very rare one and I didn’t know that. Why everyone likes to hurt empathetic people? I understood later that the insults which hurted me to the core were deliberate and which I enjoyed and sometimes laughed at were not at all deliberate but had the motive to make me laugh.

Those who believe that some people in this world are “over sensitive” don’t know that these so called “over sensitive” people feel every emotion as if it’s their own(even if it is not their own, feel exhausted and need to eliminate this feeling for their own emotional wellness), unknowingly absorb all energies present around them be it negative or positive, become the victims of narcissism or selfish people because these empathetic people are selfless and unknowingly feed the never ending needs of narcissists and selfish people and become a kind of slave of their toxic personality. They easily gaslight these kind of people.

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