In a dilemma

There was only one way to keep her quiet … but that would cost me the destruction of the rest of my life… she was going to reveal about my upcoming illegal activities… she had trusted me a lot and had helped me financially for construction of bar (which she never knew)…I promised to help for the orphanage by paying her the amount she demanded … but deep inside I knew that what were my plans… it was a month ago that I met her.. I was jobless and my family desperately needed money to earn bread… I was feeling so helpless that I decided to construct a bar so that I could earn a lot of money and support my family… I was pretty experienced of how to handle

business… before my father went bankrupt I used to work with my father at the shop … so I knew who to trust and who to not trust. . I also understood what lead to our poor financial conditions… I had promised myself that I wouldn’t repeat that mistake… I had completed my 12th standard and got a degree from my commerce college… I met this girl named Sneha who was highly in need of fund for an orphanage. … I had to gain her trust and confidence in me that after the construction of the shop (bar) I would have to pay her the amount she demanded… with the help of my friends’ and relatives’ financial support I had laid the foundation of the bar… I lied to my relatives so that I can get money easily and only my friends knew the real reason … they supported me… I promised them to return their money and this promise was not meant to break… days passed and it was becoming obvious that i was not constructing a shop but I was constructing a bar in which people would enter normally and exit as drunkards… Sneha got to know this and now she was enraged … and she was giving me 2 options … 1st : stop the construction of bar… 2nd : Since it was a lie that I would pay her the amount she demanded I had to turn the lie into a truth or else she would involve Police and this is where I got stuck… 1st option was not possible looking at my family’s financial condition… there was a 3rd option existing but that would cost me the destruction of the rest of my life… already I had become a dishonest person. … I chose the 2nd option , that was converting the lie into truth and then I told her my choice … she agreed but it was difficult for her to trust me once again. .. but we both had no choice … after the construction of the bar i started to pay her 20 percent of my earnings which strengthened her trust in me and my family understood my situation and supported me … and my friends were proud of me …. I think deep inside they knew if ever i turned dishonest I would never commit a crime …

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