Friendship with a narcissist

(This is not my imagination but it is my own story. ..i won’t mention the other one’s name… if she gets to read this, she herself will come to know that it is about her and it’s good… if not, then better)When I came in 11th standard I thought that I’ll have new friends for 2 years … I met a lot of boys and just 2 girls in my classroom. .. one is very shy and superb in studies. .. other one is also good in studies… better than me… but she believes that she is a professional singer and superb in drawing. .yes her drawings were appreciable but she would boast about it to everyone around her … also that she knows swimming very well and does it regularly but her physique was not matching her words…that i found very weird …also she used to boast that she can speak English very fluently…yes it’s true but why to announce it to everyone? ?let everyone around you observe you and then appreciate your skills… that was actually a warning to me for upcoming emotional disaster… unfortunately I couldn’t make out the warning … I thought it was normal… In fact I was glad to meet such kind of personality…. then one incident took place in my life which again gave me a warning… she was a very good friend of my enemies … she was also my friend. ..but I found this also weird how is it possible to be a friend of 2 enemies simultaneously and be honest towards

one of them??? But i ignored that question in my mind … or you can say couldn’t make out the warning … after that everything was seeming fine till one day…. one fine day she told me that we both are best friends and the very next day she insulted me in front of my enemies … I felt it very intentional … then she didn’t even say sorry. .. instead she defended herself by telling that best friends are meant to insult each other… yes I agree till some extent but she couldn’t get to know that her insults were hurting me …. and whenever I have tried to stop her from insulting she tagged me as over sensitive… yes I also insult my friends but not till the extent they get hurt… if by mistake they get hurt I apologise for that and ensure that it doesn’t happen in future. .. she even revealed my deepest secrets… and she herself used to tell that she won’t tell it to anyone …plus she can’t take insults from anyone.. if someone ever dared to insult her she would be so angry that she would satisfy herself by insulting the person in a more vulgar way to the extent that everyone around her laughs at the other one..and unfortunately I was the other one several times.. she is such a girl that if I don’t come on time she used to scold me like anything, she did it even in front of my parents, and mom suggested to stay away from her…and yes after a lot of research I got to know that her traits match a lot with the traits of narcissists.. now I’m not her friend but still I get to know by hearing from different sources that she was spreading rumours about me… once she was with her friend and in front of me she told her friend – ” that bitch ditched me” looking at me.. I want that whoever are my readers don’t suffer like this and beware of such kind of people…

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