Is it normal ?

Hi ! I’m back after a few weeksmy board exam preparations are going well and I hope board exams will go wellthanks to suggestions from people from wordpress, family and senior friendsI was so tired..I thought to write something

Is it normal to be sensitive and scared to every loud sound around me or it is over acting ?

Is it normal to panic at petty issue or it is over acting ?

Is it normal to be negative almost always when in past you had bad experiences ?

Is it normal to keep quiet and only listen when you know that in past because of your speaking something someone got offended or ignored you?

Is it normal to be kind to everyone around you but in return you don’t get that friend’s enough attention ?

Is it normal to ACT normal around everyone when you know that sharing your inner feelings won’t make you feel lighter ?

This is for first time I have tried to write something similar to a poemso pls write your opinionsI got inspired to write such kind of thing as above because I have been reading several poems of Bloggers whom I follow


Sunshine Blogger Award!!

(This is my last post for now)

I have been nominated for Sunshine Blogger Award by Accidental Blogger!! I’m so honoured!! His posts are really awesome! This is his link! 👇👇

I nominate:

Questions asked to me are :

1st) Since I have not discovered myself yet, till now you can assume it to be singing. I love singing.


3rd) Difficult one but my choice is family. Family is my first love.

4th) My elder brother. I admire his personality.

5th) Definitely I won’t stalk anyone. Laugh out loud that everyone around me gets scared. Write letters to people expressing feelings which I’m unable to express in person and handing over it to them.

6th) Jokes! Funny people and their jokes. ( it might be sounding ridiculous but i don’t get a chance to laugh much. I’m not so social because of poor speaking skills )

7th) No and yes… No because I don’t drink enough water which is very essential for our body. Yes because I avoid oily foods and sweets as far as possible.

8th) Yeah.

9th) Internet.

10th) Yeah( I’m being honest. I have saved most of them . I do read them whenever I feel low. )

My questions to my nominees are:

1) Who is your role model ?

2) What is your passion ?

3) Do you take care of your health?

4) What do you do to rejuvenate yourself?

5) Do you see crying as a weakness or strength?

6) Do you love yourself?

7) Are you very social, reserved or both 50-50 ?

8) Who is like a best friend in your family? Like you can share literally ANYTHING with him/her.

9) How do you try to overcome weaknesses in yourself?

10) Last but not the least , do you like my posts ? ( Be honest ) …

Tips required for Boards!!

I need some tips regarding 12th Board exams…let me make it more clear. I’m a pcm student. And I have 3 months left for HSC Exams. All science people know very well that how huge the Chemistry portion is. I have just started studying Chemistry. You can assume that my 2-3 chapters are done somewhat properly. I need great help in Organic part. How did you learn the reactions at your time? Also long answers after understanding all of them? What is the highest weightage in exam ? I mean there will be 2 , 3 and 5 marks questions, that’s it?

How did you study for English? I know it might be sounding ridiculous but it’s true that I’m bad at English grammar( of this year ).

One more very important thing . State board is totally new to me. I’m not so comfortable with this board’s pattern. People are saying that this year the question paper will be of CBSE pattern with which I’m pretty comfortable. The problem now is that since this is the first year of CBSE pattern I won’t get any question paper of CBSE pattern to practice before boards.

So please suggest me in comment section.

One more important thing. Since my boards are upcoming and I need to study a lot so I won’t be able to post anything on my blog. But you can comment to me anytime to this post as well as my earlier post – ‘Tips required‘ …


I would like to thank all my followers to read and like my posts!!! This inspires me to write more and improve myself!!! Please continue reading and tell me all scopes of improvement… I’ll be always thankful to your positive feedback and will take into consideration your suggestions for writing better!!!

What matters more?

Does physical distance or closeness to heart matter for a relationship (now I mean friendship) ? Maybe closeness to heart. What matters most is the extent to which the friend feels you. Suppose you have two kind of friends in your life. One (let me name her M) lives very close to you (let me name her S) and you both met in childhood and became best friends. Other one (let me name her K) lives away from you but the families know each other very well and so you both are also friends since childhood but you both have also have spent a lot of time with that friend. Who according to you should be more close to your heart? According to me both should be equally close to your heart (I know this is ideal situation). In real life unfortunately this doesn’t happen. No, I’m not talking about myself right now but this is what I’m observing since three years continously very closely as I’ve spent three years with them. What I observed was very painful to me. The friend M is the S’ best friend and the friend K is like a third party when she is with those best friends. I don’t say that that S should ignore M and talk only to K but talk to both of them equally.

I accept that I should not speak wrong about my friends but I’m just pointing out what I observed. Individually all the three are good. You might have read my post – ‘Detachment is necessary’ If not you can read it and relate this post with that one. Life has ironies- the friends with whom I used to spend a lot of time and feelings now I feel the need to leave and detach from the same friends. But K is one of my good friends. She talks to me even when she is in the presence of group.

It’s truly said that as we grow mature we realise who are the friends we really need.

(These are my point of views. It’s not meant to offend anyone.)

Detachment is necessary

Detachment- as the word suggests the opposite of attachment. It is possible only with people or emotions with whom/which we are attached the most. Be it our emotions or our near ones. It might seem like a nightmare but it’s necessary to free yourself from unnecessary stress. I too had a small group of friends with whom I used to enjoy a lot but now I think I need to detach myself from them to shift my focus from them as it’s very exhausting due to present circumstances. I always feel their emotions as my own. I’m always engrossed in what they might be thinking of me. This is my case. Different people will have different experiences maybe with their friends or their own strong unnecessary emotions which stop them from moving ahead in their lives or maybe some other relation in their lives.

According to me, detachment from our closed ones(only when necessary) is a painful slow process, maybe more painful than even bleeding. Bleeding once stopped, the skin starts healing and it doesn’t pain further. But if we don’t detach ourselves from unnecessary people and emotions then our lives will be very miserable.

Tips required!!

I want some help regarding my 12th Board exams … I’m pretty weak at performing practicals. I just see everyone around me performing practicals in Physics and Electrical maintenance and I’m unable to do anything. Also suggest me for viva. Give me tips to learn the experiments ditto and write in Board practicals. Pls reply in comment section.


The most beautiful feeling in this world is love and the most beautiful sight in this world is of nature in any of its form. Personally I love greenery around me. I love to day dream looking outside my balcony.(I hope you can understand😉) The reason is that there is a view of a lot of trees in the balcony. Even I feel good at night whenever I look at the trees. I live in a society where there are buildings but greenery is also there. I love to walk in evening for freshening up. As you might be knowing there are a lot of benefits of enjoying greenery.

People who think of their local green spaces as more accessible and usable feel more satisfied with their neighbourhood irrespective of the amount of green space they have. People have better mental health when they have an emotional attachment to greenery. People also enjoy green spaces because these remind them of their childhood.

We can use nature as a natural mood booster. How? Find activities in a green space or go to a quiet park to eliminate all the tiredness after working from morning to evening.

Stressed and have tension? Head for trees.

Having problems regarding inflammation? In a study students who spent time in forests had lower levels of inflammation than those who spent time in city.

Having issues with concentration? Doses of nature might serve as a safe, inexpensive, widely accessible new tool for even managing ADHD symptoms.

Studies in Japan have shown that the areas with greater forest coverage have lower mortality rate. Spending time in nature may stimulate the production of anti cancer proteins.

Imagine a therapy which has no known side effects, is readily available, and could improve your cognitive functioning at zero cost.

Increasing time spent outdoors maybe a simple strategy by which to reduce the risk of developing myopia(near sightedness) and it’s progression children and adolescents.

Forest environment have beneficial effects on human immune system.

Anxiety, depression and other mental health issues maybe all eased by sometime in great outdoors especially when that’s combined with exercise.

There may be more benefits of enjoying nature.


What is friendship? A relationship in which two people have mutual affection.

True friends accept each other with their flaws without making each other feel conscious about it.

But these days this definition has changed drastically. Friends these days use each other. Trust is misused in friendships these days. Innocent people are cheated by their toxic and selfish friends. First they gain the trust of these innocent people and then take undue advantage of their innocence. Trust is the glue of life. It is the foundational principle that holds all the relationships. Trust once broken cannot be gained back. The person may be forgiven but not trusted once again by the other person. Some people think that it’s their birthright to hurt their friend and break his/her trust. They also expect that the friend would return back to them and be with them and if something more is wrong with them they will expect the friend to apologise for a reason they don’t know.

But still true friendship exists. Why? Because there are people who are really trustworthy and also people who even after getting hurt several times in past believe that they will surely meet the kind of former people in their life. True friendship exists in the relationship between two brothers,two sisters, a brother and his sister, father and his son, mother and her daughter and many more.

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